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The transmissions in most motorhomes, particularly older units, are just not up to the job they are being asked to do.

The same transmission that was designed for a 3,000# passenger car or pickup is now being asked to pull a 9,000# to 25,000# motorhome and being used for heavy duty towing applications. This just doesn’t make sense. Something has to give and it is usually the transmission which is then replaced by one of the same. There are better alternatives.

Motorhomes in particular often have restricted cooling in conjunction with the additional load and heat produced in heavy duty applications. Heat is the biggest enemy of your transmission.

One way some motorhome manufacturers try to `lighten the load’ is with gearing. That unfortunately leads to excess RPM at cruise speed, increased fuel usage, and increased engine wear. Think about it. If you could cut your cruise RPM by 1/3 you would see increased fuel mileage, engine life, and accessory life. A 1/3 decrease in RPM means you go 50% further for the same number of engine revolutions. Your engine, alternator, power steering, etc will last up to 50% longer.

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